Every morning in Hong Kong, we see children going to school wearing the same neat uniform, black shoes, and white socks. Although they are wearing the same outfit, each child has their own beautiful faces, personalities, and dreams. 

Socks of Socks wishes to express each child's uniqueness through socks.

A plain white pair of socks may contain a child's initials, words of encouragement, and messages of love.

On weekends when school closes, children can walk amongst  the concrete jungles of Hong Kong wearing Blue and Green "My Forest", imagining they are walking in the depth of the Norwegian forest.  A child may glide on the stars of Milky Way wearing "My Star" socks.

Where our children walk, a pathway will form.

Wrapping our children's precious feet with warm love and gently guiding their little footsteps to their dreams and imaginations is our Socks of Socks.